Justice or Injustice? What Really Happens In A Jury Room By J.L. Hardee

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This story is about a small town boy that was thrown into jury service on a highly publicized Capital Murder trial in Myrtle Beach, SC. It involves the case of: The State of SC vs. Kimberly Renee Poole.

This book isn’t about the murder, or the guilt or innocence of the accused. Its about the experiences of a juror and his fight to standup for his beliefs. This book will put you right in a jury seat during this trial so that you can experience his plight.

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About Don Sloan

I am a former journalist with a major daily newspaper and now am a full-time Indie book reviewer. I love to write, read, drink good wine, and take short naps in front of my fireplace here in the North Carolina mountains.
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