There Comes a Time: A Science Fiction Collection By J.J. Green

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In the style of scifi classics, ten science fiction shorts about time travel, cryogenic preservation, life extension, interplanetary exploration, Mars colonies, strange new subterranean life forms and other futuristic, weird and horrific tales.
There Comes a Time
Travelling a hundred years into the future, Caris finds nature has taken back control of the Earth from humans, who seem to no longer exist. She must find the cause of humankind’s demise and avert the course of future history.
Tread Lightly
Aging war vet Geoff Finch fought to make the world a better place for all forms of life, but finds the long-term effects of victory are not to his taste.
Return of the Prodigals
Martian colonists return, not as heroes, but as refugees.
Breathing Space
Nine thousand feet below ground an unknown life form threatens Collins’ efforts to retrieve the body of a lost caver.
The Last Days of Duane Dayton
Convicted murderer Duane Dayton thinks the worst that can happen is that someone deletes the file that holds all that remains of his consciousness. He’s wrong.
Read these and five other stories, and sign up to J.J. Green’s mailing list for a free ecopy of Dawn Falcon, a fantasy collection.

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