A Thirty-Something Girl By Lisa M. Gott

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A Thirty-Something Girl follows the story of Hope. At the age of 30, she finds her life in utter shambles. Everything that could go wrong has – divorce, loss of a child, financial struggles. It is the love and unfettered support of her close friends who keep her from being lost in the quicksand of utter despair. As she slowly begins to wrap her head around who she is and what it means to be happy, she meets a man, Sam. Sam is also not a stranger to hardship and finds himself at his own crossroads. Together they find comfort and peace in one another; a soft, quiet place to fall, when the rest of the world is too hard and too noisy to inhabit.

A Thirty-Something Girl is a story about the power of human resilience, the importance of friendships, and the magic of true love. It is a story that teaches us (and reminds us) that happiness is actually a very simple concept: it is a choice. A choice we must remember to make each and every day.

“This story is so well told it is both an almost clinical case study of depression and a teaching tale of how to move forward in the face of seemingly overwhelming inner and outer obstacles. It is much more than an interesting read, it is almost a recovery plan and beacon of light for those in the darkest times of their lives.” ~ FascinatingBooks

“Gott has written a wonderful book that will twist your heart into knots, make you cry, but also show you the resilience and hope of the human spirit. A very realistic portrayal of a person’s struggle with depression, A Thirty-Something Girl is a a worthwhile read, and one that will stay with you long, long after you’ve put the book down. I would recommend this book for any reader looking for a serious, solid novel that is well-written and contains characters that you will truly care about. ” ~ Tracy A. Fischer, Readers’ Favorite

“Gott has a very powerful command of language. This is the what I noticed at first – and no wonder – the author is a poet. Throughout her prose in this work, she weaves heartbreak and love, mistakes and reconciliations. What Gott is actually doing here is painting a very well-rendered portrait of a young woman finding out how to live. It is a coming-of-age story at heart.” ~ S.E. Anderson

“This book is about the not so great parts of life that really happen, but we hope that they don’t. Lisa captured that side of life and the emotions and turmoils that go along with it, in a great way.” ~ Hello… Chick Lit

“Story has a candid and somber voice that is so refreshing.” ~ Sandra’s Book Reviews

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