Summer to Autumn By J.J. Anderson

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‘A Gem of Interwoven Tales’ to engage, amuse and delight.

Five stars on Amazon. Five stars on Goodreads. Readers are asking for the next slice of English village life.

The fifth to the eighth tales in The Village; A Year in Twelve Tales.

At May-time a gardening competition re-kindles an old rivalry amid mourning and bereavement. The June wedding season sees a quartet of couples making difficult romantic decisions. There is skull-doggery and dastardly deeds at the Summer Fete. Real violence erupts with an influx of transient newcomers as the harvesting begins. The next four inter-linked stories are about life in the village and its wide cast of characters, as four generations of the Marshall family negotiate the hazards of their own family saga, while, around them babies are born, plots are hatched, romance blooms and marriages founder.

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Readers say

  • ‘Anderson cleverly interlinks all the characters and …you end up becoming extremely attached to the village and the people who reside in it. What a superb first publication, I look forward to many more titles.’ A Cheeky Booklover (independent book reviewer)
  • ‘The prose is clear and crisp, and the build towards the last story is subtly done, with many threads coming together for an exciting climax.’ Stuart Wakefield Kindle best selling author
  • ‘A tour de force….. I shall look out for the next publication from this talented writer.’ Amazon review
  • ‘I was totally absorbed in this book from page one. I… hope very much that there will be further publications telling more about the people I felt I was getting to know so well. I look forward very much to further works by this author.’ Amazon review
  • ‘The inter-woven layered nature of village life is captured perfectly. I was thoroughly involved…’ Amazon review

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