Three Reviews — Excellent Children’s Books

Reviews By Don Sloan

strikeStrike At Charles’ Farm, by Dr. Nicole

Charles has a problem. None of the animals on his farm, including Bizzi the bee, want to work anymore. This is the excellent story of how Charles handles the situation.

The hen Coco, the horse Hoof, the sheep Curly, the cow Milky, the dog Woof, the rooster Moody, the cat Miaou, and the bee Bizzi all want different things, and they tell Charles they won’t do what they’re supposed to do until he grants their demands.

Find out how Charles handles the delicate situation by reading this superbly written and illustrated picture book with your child.

Five stars for Strike At Charles’ Farm, by Dr. Nicole!

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Are You Eating My Lunch? By Dr. Nicole

Xavier can’t find his lunch in this delightful and wonderfully illustrated picture book by Dr. Nicole.

He asks practically every animal in the zoo: “Are you eating my lunch?” But they all say no, and point to another animal to ask.

Where does Xavier finally find his lunch? Read this superb story along with your child and find out together!

Five stars for Are You Eating My Lunch?

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Parents For Sale By Dr. Nicole

The perils of trying to sell your parents are quite plentiful in this highly imaginative children’s storybook by Dr. Nicole.

Twins Luke and Lucy run into trouble with their plan to turn the tables on their folks, who want to sell their dog, Pistachio, because the twins won’t care for the pooch properly.

They turn the “Dog For Sale” sign into a “Parents For Sale” sign, and they receive offers to buy, rent, and trade their parents — but they like the fairy’s offer best: $300!

But, there’s a horrible catch. The fairy turns into a wicked witch who wants to eat them all!

Who will save the day? You’ll be surprised!

Five stars to this award-winning and handsomely illustrated storybook. It will provide many object lessons for kids who are constantly shirking their duties, and show that your children are not the only ones who say, “My parents just don’t get it!

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I am a former journalist with a major daily newspaper and now am a full-time Indie book reviewer. I love to write, read, drink good wine, and take short naps in front of my fireplace here in the North Carolina mountains.
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