Splashdown: First Contact? By Dave Cole

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L’atel stared at the power readout in front of him, main and reserve levels both showed zero. “This is not possible, this isn’t supposed to happen,” he spoke out loud, well aware that the others couldn’t
hear him. He and his six passengers were going to die and there was no one in the universe that could save them.

Splashdown tells a different story of first contact with extraterrestrials. L’atel is the pilot of an alien cargo ship who is illegally hauling passengers through our solar system when an accident forces them to crash-land on Earth.

As L’atel and his passengers know, Earth is a primitive planet that has been placed off limits by the Ebens, the self appointed guardians of the galaxy. No outsider is allowed to land or even approach within one light year of Earth to protect its fragile culture. Or at least that is what the Ebens want the rest of the galaxy to believe.

Soon L’atel and his passengers discover that all is not as it appears. The Ebens have secrets, and will go to any length to protect them, even if it means war, with the Earth as the battleground.

Splashdown weaves a story to include many of the better known UFO and alien myths, as well as other conspiracy theories that are so popular in today’s media.

For example, Splashdown includes references to the 1947 Roswell New Mexico crash, the rumored 1954 meeting between aliens and President Eisenhower at Holloman Air Force Base, Project Serpo, the MJ12 documents as well as other lesser known events, such as, the Nuremburg Germany event of 1561. The novel also incorporates several historical events such as, the Kennedy assassination, the Cuban missile crisis, and the Watergate scandal resulting in a new and unique twist on the old aliens on Earth story.
(Revised Edition)

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