Lili: A Novel of Love, Suspense and Redemption of the True Kind By Shlomo Kalo

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A beautiful, razor-sharp story of love, struggle and an all conquering kindness, set against the raw and vibrant human landscape of Jaffa.

Adon, an ascetic en route to make the last payment on a cheap apartment, comes upon a violent crime about to take place. Acting on impulse and with no other moral choice, he gives all of his money to a pimp to save the life of a prostitute, Lili. Instead of gratitude, Lili attacks Adon about his motives, and eventually, Shuki, the pimp and drugged-out gangster, enters unwelcome into Adon’s life.

Adon, Lili, and Shuki play out their dangerous dance of life in the salty air in front of the sweeping variety of Jaffa’s human fabric: owners and residents of cafés, large families, Catholic and Greek Orthodox monks, superstitious fishermen, a business owner and an unwilling mistress.

Life in all its complexity plays out between Adon and Lili, especially as Lili begins to see the goodness in life after a brutal existence so far.

The tension rises from page to page as Shlomo Kalo weaves another marvelously written and realistic fictional tapestry packed with insights into the darker side of life, as well as a soul lifting depiction of people struggling to make a difference – or who are just getting by on their wits and love of each other.

In LILI, from pain and conflict comes hope and salvation.

“Lili is an ambitious, sweeping book, especially moving at the end…Shlomo Kalo is, obviously, a writer of talent, vision and significant accomplishment.”  Daniel Menaker, HarperCollins, US

“I read this with avid interest, and was truly captivated by the writing… the language has a rhythmical, soothing quality that makes the novel difficult to put down.” Shaye Areheart, Crown

“Impressive storytelling talent and realism… The novel’s structure and inner architecture are immaculate, and the plot, in spite of its contemplative quality, is suspenseful. It contains several human subtleties which the author delights in revealing. What makes “Lily” an interesting work is not solely its philosophical aspect or its literary aspect, but their integration.” Arik Glessner, Maariv newspaper, Israel

“This is a finely wrought dramatic story with skillfully drawn and moving characters.”  Carolyn Carlson, Penguin US

“I read “Lili” with great interest…I found it to be an emotionally- searing, thought- provoking read… it is a good read.” Kate Lyall Grant, Simon and Schuster, UK

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