Breaking The God Delusion By Vinay Kumar

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Is there a God? Is there a purpose to the universe? Why are we here? Is everything a result of chance? These questions have haunted all the seekers of truth. Today, we are facing a crisis in modern thought due to challenges posed by science, which has forced us to question the idea of God. The conclusions of scientific paradigm have led many of us into the grasp of atheism, agnosticism and nihilism. This has resulted in a crisis of thought, especially among the younger scientific generation who are seeking a purpose of existence and a cause behind everything. The basis of this crisis is standing on the almost impeccable developments in science for the past 300 years. We can’t seem to reconcile the concept of God which we were taught since our childhood with the understanding of the universe given to us by science. Even the ones established in faith are overwhelmed by the reasoning presented by the atheists. Is there a way out of this crisis?

Breaking The God Delusion was written with this intention: to show a way out. If you are a sincere seeker of Truth, then this book was written for you.

List of Chapters:
1. The God Delusion
2. The Cosmic Universe
3. The Quantum Universe
4. Beginning and an End
5. Intelligent Design
6. Spectrum of Our Reality
7. Evolution and God
8. Mind and Matter
9. Theory of Everything
10. We Are Part of The Equation!
11. A New Paradigm

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