AL CLARK By Jonathan G. Meyer

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Four giant starships left Earth, traveling in different directions and looking for a new start; hoping to find a substitute for home.

They sought a virgin planet that had not been ravaged by climate change, crime, and overcrowding.

Each ship was populated by the best Earth had to offer and sent to one of the four best possible exo-planets discovered by man.

This is the story of the starship Excalibur, and the adventures of its brave passengers.

Al Clark wakes up on a space ship with no indication of who he is or where he is located. He finds a young man named Chris on board and thus begins their mission to awaken the crew from a near forty year hibernation and to discover his true purpose.

An excellent debut from author Jonathan Meyer, Al Clark is an easy and page-turning science fiction adventure, appropriate for young adults and older.

Enjoyable read. I thought the entire concept of the story was interesting and different than a lot of science fiction books. I could not put it down and finished it in a couple evenings. The mystery of who Al Clark is could make way for a series of equally great books under the “Al Clark” title. I hope that there will be a followup soon. Looking forward to it!

The first thing I noticed about this book is the narrative style. It’s not your typical storytelling. It’s chameleon-like, depending upon the mood and the atmosphere and that is an amazing thing. The book starts out a bit scary in a stark, cold place — both physically and in the character’s mind, and the prose style and choice of words and rhythm reflects that. Then as things resolve into a bit more of a peaceable, friendly environment, the dialogue and the writing tempo eases back into that as well. It’s lighter where it was darker in the beginning. Then danger – tension bleeds into it and it’s a neat thing to read. The writing itself is very easy, yet it puts these vibrant, vivid clear images into the head, like watching a film. I really enjoyed the plot and wanted more at the end of it. The story built upon itself brick by brick place by place character by character and structurally that was really satisfying. The story itself was really fun, reminding me of old school sci-fi… like listening to an episode of X Minus One or reading Heinlein.

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