Caesar’s Ghost: A Mhistory (The Fast and the Furies: Suspense Book 5) (A Review)

A Review By Don Sloan


Caesar Augustus returns vividly to life in this highly imaginative and well-written story of Karmic misadventures, played out in an atmosphere of supernatural suspense.

It’s a tale with a surprise every few pages about the former Emperor’s ambitions now that he has a second lease on life right here in the twenty-first century.

Julius See is just trying to convey his love for the classics when the spirit of the legendary Julius Caesar descends on him one day. His first impassioned lecture to a hall full of enrapt junior college students leads to a mysterious plot twist that lands him in the hospital, comatose and barely clinging to life.

But, hey, no worries. Caesar’s spirit slips seamlessly into a new host — a handsome private investigator who is on the trail of See’s assailants. The author’s deft description of the murderous thugs is indicative of the novel’s superior writing:

“Pancho was stouter by, say, eighty pounds with a gut that rolled over the waistband a good half-foot under his navel. Handsome but stern features were lost in lard and blubber; too much pasta and booze had undone a good face. O-Ring was shorter, of average looks except for the small puckered mouth that looked like an anus in heat.”

From there, the story twists skillfully through situations of increasing amusement, as Caesar’s spirit is forced to adapt — often at a moment’s notice — to new circumstances, always in relentless pursuit of the masterminds behind the nefarious teaching scam being perpetrated nationwide.

Author Reb MacRath delivers a totally believable story that will keep readers guessing as to where the oversexed demigod will turn up next. Thoughts of his beloved Cleopatra, however, are never far from him.

“In my divided state,” Caesar observes, “my memories grow erratic. I know I was with Cleo, not Elizabeth Taylor, that night on the barge. Yet I could swear that I’d gone down on Liz, who in turn had Lovelaced me.”

This superb novel is a satiric triumph — an intriguing supernatural mystery with complex characterizations and a storyline that will keep you involved right up to the last page.

Five stars to Caesar’s Ghost. It’s easily the best story of its kind I’ve come across in years, and held me completely enthralled to its surprising conclusion. Download a copy today!

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