11 Step Weight Loss Breakthrough By Dude Not Perfect

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You are motivated to lose weight, but it’s a damn struggle. Every time you manage to lose a few pounds, you gain them right back, if not more!

Good News. It ain’t your fault! We can blame our caveman ancestors who came genetically pre-wired for gluttony knowing that they might go days without the taste of well charred woolly mammoth meat! And, we can blame that street corner (you know the one I mean) that offers us irresistibly high calorie foods at every turn.

OK. Let’s forget the scapegoats. They’re not going away..

We know we’re not that guy who has the steel trap mind to “will” themselves Ryan Gosling lean. The evidence suggests that even if you lose weight in a slow and measured way, you will most likely gain it back – and then some.

So, who are we?

We’re dude not perfect. We’re the guys who like a good laugh and we try to do the best we can for family and friends. But we’ve got so much on the go that paying attention to diet and exercise is not always at the top of the list. We’re squeezing into once loose fitting jeans and we don’t like it.

It’s time to take a stand (without sucking in those bellies)!

I’ve researched weight loss best practices and combined it with my own positive experience.

The Dude Not Perfect – 11 Step Plan will work for you.

The book is straight to the point and broken down into three parts.

One. The basic biology of why we eat so damn much and why dieting doesn’t work. And why eating in the 21st century is like giving a junkie the key to a meth lab.

Two. The 11 powerful steps that will allow you to successfully shed those pounds and keep them off. The steps are doable with flexibility that will allow you to focus on what works best for you.

Three. A Summary of the 11 steps that you can tack to your refrigerator (or somewhere you’ll bump into them) so you can revisit the steps easily.

DNP presents the information in an easily digestible form that didn”t make me want to smack him right in his food hole. Great book that was easy to read, made sense, and presents a few easily implemented eating habits.

The suggestion to my basketball team that we move our weekly postgame debrief to a place that served broccoli, apple slices, and hummus was rebuked and met with disdain. However, DNP suggests wrapping an elastic band on a finger on your dominant hand, which served as a constant reminder anytime I was reaching for more nachos. Didn”t help with the beers though. The beers won that battle.

What a great book! It has changed my outlook on dieting and eating. Love the 11 steps and how simple this program is. Looking forward to employing these strategies soon. Thanks DNP

Nice to the point book. A nice read, kept it simple and easy to follow up on. Looking forward to seeing the results and future DNP books

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