The Realmsic Conquest: The Hero of Legend By Demethius Jackson (A Review)

Review By Don Sloan

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Mysterious magic, stellar swordsmanship, and ruthless realm usurpers all come crashing together in this intense — and highly entertaining — fantasy tale by talented author Demethius Jackson. It’s called The Realmsic Conquest: The Hero of Legend, and it’s, well — fantastic.

Newly crowned King Maebus and a wonderful ensemble cast of supporting characters guards the crucial Realmsic Crystal from would-be conqueror Damian and his overwhelming horde of soldiers and supporters. In heart-stopping battle scenes, the two armies clash as War Wizards called Crucifers hurl deadly magic fireballs far into enemy lines.

Things are looking bleak for King Maebus and his battle-weary warriors: the cruel armies of Damian flood the valley floor and pour through the Realmsic Castle gates. But what’s this? Maebus’s forces have fallen back instead of fighting to the last man. There’s a plan afoot here, and King Maebus is its architect. Still, the displaced Council members grumble and many innocent civilians and townspeople die at the hands of the invaders.

And, oddly enough, one of the bad guys seems to be having second thoughts about the wanton violence, bringing new depth to what otherwise might be a stereotypical villain. In a revealing passage, a key enforcer for Damian — who signed on eagerly to help right ancient wrongs, as his people saw it — views dozens of bodies hanging in the marketplace and wonders: “At which point did the aggrieved become the aggressor?”

Indeed, this novel rises above the usual fare for this genre, layering rich texture and realistic vulnerability to its key players as the story develops. Even the exiled king seems to second-guess the wisdom of his actions.

And that doubt is only underscored when the conquering warlord embarks on a path of brutal punishments to the remaining survivors in an attempt to bring Maebus — and the Realmsic Crystal — within his reach.

The story then twists and winds through narrow escapes and startling revelations that deal with the origins of magic. But, in the end, it all seems to fall back on Maebus and his quest to regain his kingdom — and, if possible, end a millennia of war.

This is a book not to be missed, for all fans of fantasy. It’s the first installment in a series of adventures in this magical kingdom. Book Two, The Realmsic Conquest: The Icon of Earth is now available. Get it today and continue this imaginative venture into classic world-building fiction.

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