In the Forest of Light and Dark By Mark Kasniak

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With one look at her you would think that Cera Singer from Saraland, Alabama is your typical teenage girl from a rural Southern Gulf town. That is, she faces all the problems you would expect a seventeen-year-old would face; boys, drugs, fitting in, her upcoming senior year, and on top of that getting her first car on the road. But what Cera doesn’t know yet is what will ultimately set Cera apart from all the other girls her age. Cera is a witch.

In this supernatural thriller, you’ll be taken along as Cera recounts her experiences in her memoir of how she discovered that the women in her mama’s family lineage were actually a long line of witches responsible for the protection of her new home and community. As Cera writes she will explain to you how her honest curiosity along with her rebellious, down-to-earth nature quickly got her into more than she could handle, mentally and physically, as she uncovers the many deep and well-hidden layers in her relationships with her mother and grandmother.

We all know that there are a ton of books starring teenagers and witchcraft out there so, when I started reading ‘In the Forest of Light and Dark’ I was a bit skeptical. I mean, if the book didn’t give me anything new then really it didn’t deserve me wasting my time on a 500+ page story. However, all of my inhibitions flew out the window as I got to know more about Cera Singer and her family history. The first thing you’re going to notice about this book is the language. Mark Kasniak does an amazing job giving Cera a personality that actually feels real. She talks like your typical teenage girl from a rural Southern Gulf town, and it makes the whole story enjoyable.

The plot itself is entertaining as well. The author spends the opening chapters telling us about the environment Cera has lived in and what she feels when she has to move to a new location once her maternal grandmother dies and leaves her fortune behind for her daughter. Mt. Harrison is not your typical little village, one which you can expect from books of such genera. The residents aren’t happy with Cera and her mother coming back, and the horror starts once we get to know about an old witch (who wouldn’t let go of a grudge) named Abellona Abbott. Cera finds a friend in Katelyn and together she tries to piece together her family history and its connection to the old witch and Mt. Harrison.

In the Forest of Light and Dark is an enjoyable and fast-paced read (regardless of the page count) and reading the author’s note at the end you can be sure it’s not the last readers have seen of Cera. Go read it and follow a teenage witch coming into her powers.

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