The Shade Ring By Connie Lacy

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A romantic, action-packed story set in the near future…

The year is 2117. Oceans have risen fifteen feet and it’s 120 degrees in Atlanta as Neave Alvarez graduates with a degree in Climatology. But it’s a field she’s forced into by a domineering father who drags her into his campaign to launch a solar shade ring into space. The goal is to block the sun’s rays and cool the oceans.

But Neave begins to have doubts during an expedition to sunken Charleston. That’s where she meets the first man who’s ever vibrated her molecules, only to discover he’s a clone – a clone who asks infuriating questions about what her scientist parents are really up to.

Her quest for the truth plunges her into a dangerous world of political intrigue and dark family secrets where it’s hard to tell who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy. She wrestles with the meaning of family, whether clones have a soul and whether one more scientist can really make a difference in the fight against rising seas.

Set against the backdrop of runaway global warming, The Shade Ring is a compelling tale of a young woman’s pursuit of justice. And there’s also her search for true love, even though she doubts it still exists anymore.

The Shade Ring is Science Fiction, Action & Adventure and Romantic Suspense, all rolled into one.

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About Don Sloan

I am a former journalist with a major daily newspaper and now am a full-time Indie book reviewer. I love to write, read, drink good wine, and take short naps in front of my fireplace here in the North Carolina mountains.
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