Mechaniclism: Apocalyptic Horror By Lynn Lamb

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The Past

In 1632, Lord August Godwine, an Austrian nobleman, commissions Swiss clockmaker Frederick Jori to create a miniature city of automatons to amuse himself and impress the aristocracy. When Jori refuses to commit offenses against God, he undergoes brutal, unimaginable torture until the once-pious craftsman surrenders to his fate. But what he hides in the innocuous-appearing automatons ignites a horrific apocalypse—one that will not be realized for 400 years.

The Present

In 21st century San Francisco, Ireland Barton is a brilliant, successful young scientist, but there is one drawback to her perfect life—she suffers from a rare immune disorder that keeps her confined in a plastic bubble. When a new virus is released on the world, she begins a heart-pounding race to find a cure to save what is left of humanity and battle malevolent forces housed in 17th century figurines.

An Uncertain Future

As two worlds—two time periods—collide, will Ireland unravel the mystery of the dolls before the clock winds down on humanity?

I have become a big fan of Lamb’s writing since the first book in the Survivor Diaries series. Her short story collection, Oxymoron of Still Life, ranks as some of the finest writing I have seen from an Indie author to date. I will say that in Mechaniclism, Lamb doesn’t disappoint.

Well done, and written with Lamb’s excellent, deft hand.

Lynn Lamb’s Mechaniclism can certainly be classified as horror – and I am not a big fan of horror stories. In Lamb’s capable hands, however, it is also a story about love, and fear, and revenge, and resignation – with a bit of the apocalypse thrown in, all stirred into an intriguing story that grabs your attention and doesn’t let you go until the end. Even then, you are invested in the characters and are left wishing there was more.

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