Something Wiccan By James Drummond (A Review)

Review By Don Sloan


A man in Ireland expertly plunges a wooden stake through a vampire’s still-beating heart. A teenaged girl in Oregon makes a startling supernatural discovery about herself and her family. And, in Chicago, a wicked warlock silently steals the spiritual essence of a young woman before cremating her. Soon, the man, the girl and the warlock will meet and an epic battle will begin.

Something Wiccan, the second book in the Shadow Series by standout author James Drummond, takes the horror genre to new heights as he effortlessly intertwines abject terror with excellent plot and character development.

Toby Hoffman returns from the first novel and is being recruited by a Master Hunter from Germany who wants to help Toby hone his hunting skills. Toby accepts and soon begins what will be several months of rigorous training. However, his education is interrupted when a young witch back in his native state of Oregon begins to attract the attention of the evil warlock from Chicago. Toby returns to the U.S., reunites with Rachel Chochopi — a friend from Book One — and sets out to warn the witch about the dangers of trying out her newfound talents before she fully understands them.

This book extensively explores the all-too-human feelings and vulnerabilities of its characters, enriching this terrifying tale’s backstory. Indeed, you begin to care fervently for these players, who are then placed one by one in mortal danger. Toby especially worries constantly that he cannot ever make a real difference. “For him, it’s always been about . . . the one he can save,” says his tutor at one point.

Natalie Sherwood, the young witch, and her mother are relentlessly pursued by the warlock, who is intent on absorbing the Wiccan essence from the pair, and then killing them. This presents a problem for Toby, who has been told specifically to flee any supernatural activity once the witch has been warned. Ignoring his handler’s directives, he settles in for the fight of his young life against the warlock — and, against an equally nasty poltergeist who has been unwittingly summoned forth from the netherworld by the inexperienced witch.
The body count rises as the two evil entities wreak havoc on the small town, and Toby and his friends seem powerless to stop them. But, unexpectedly, the tide turns and the warlock and the dangerous shade find themselves being stalked by a more experienced hunter — Jack Steele, who’s come to fetch Toby, and suppress the supernatural threat that has emerged.

Can the warlock and poltergeist be dispatched before claiming more victims? And will Toby and the other teens abandon their fear, guilt, and self-doubt long enough to make a successful stand?

This well-written novel of horror and suspense will keep you riveted right to the last page as Toby, Rachel, Natalie and Jack try to put a final stop to the wave of terror, unleashed originally by the reckless actions of the teenaged witch.

Five stars to Something Wiccan, a superb thriller which thunders toward its startling conclusion with perfectly paced precision. Bring on the third installment of the Shadow Series: The Agreement. It promises brand new adventures for the intrepid threesome, against yet another supernatural foe: vampires.

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