Mimi’s Book Launch Plan by Mimi Emmanuel



Mimi’s Book Launch Plan gives a step-by-step outline of what she did when she launched her first book, ‘My Story of Survival.’ Mimi’s notes will give you a simple easy-to-follow plan that works. This will save you the stress of learning the hard way. Her plan includes the goodies below plus a downloadable bonus promo sheet.


1. Mimi’s diary notes of 31-day count-down
2. To-do overview
3. 31 Useful tips
4. 31 Fun tips
5. Frequently Asked Questions


There were major hiccups during launch where Mimi was not able to access the internet and yet her launch was hugely successful. Within days of its launch, My Story of Survival ranked #1 in seven categories with a bestselling banner received under Christian books Self-Help and in addition, later on also for Diets Healthy and Spiritual Growth.


Mimi is convinced that her book did so well thanks to the support she received from all her classmates and buddies and the self-publishing school she is studying with. She promised to share all her insights and links and tips with them.

You can now benefit from the insights she gained and if you plan to publish your own book Indie style you’ll be hard pressed to find a guide more comprehensive than hers; unless you were to buy John Kremer’s 700 pages ‘1001 Ways to Market Your Books.’

There’s no way that Mimi’s Book Launch Plan covers everything that John’s book does but her Plan is a handy guide to have next to you when you publish your own book and get the job done easy-peasy.

Mimi’s Book Launch Plan contains 156 pages but when you combine the to-do overview and the useful and fun tips and the FAQ you’ll end up with a comprehensive 30 odd page summary which will give you all the info necessary to successfully publish your book.

Speaker, Educator and bestselling author
I am a big fan of naming names in the self-publishing industry. What that means is that I love to share all of my knowledge about book publishing from editing and designing the best book cover to fully disclosing case studies from book launches with what works and what can be improved.

Mimi’s new book is a great example as she covers the book publishing process and goes into great detail about her launch plan. The launch plan very simply can make or break your book. Having the right launch plan will help decide whether your book will be a bestseller on Amazon or if it will be just another published book.

By reading Mimi’s book you will have a great guide to a successful launch. Mimi names many of her resources including the marketing of her book. She uses many of the marketing services that I have used to launch three bestsellers …

I found Mimi’s book to be a fun and easy read. The information in the book provides a lot of value to the reader. As a coach for several authors who are launching their books soon, I will be strongly encouraging my clients to read two books to prepare for their launch. The books are my fourth book, Book Publishing for Beginners and Mimi’s launch plan. I hope that you enjoy reading Mimi’s book and it was an honor to write this foreword in support of her book. Sincerely,

Paul G. Brodie
Arlington, TX

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