Mystic Wisdom of the Masters – The Esoteric Knowledge of Great Adepts by M.G. Hawking



Explore the Most Profound Knowledge of the Ages…

You are invited to take an unprecedented journey into a legendary world and unlock ancient secrets that are able to convey extraordinary abilities. Revealed in this book is knowledge offering the illumination and techniques to create a superlative life, but of which very few have an enlightened understanding, far-reaching revelations that have for long millenniums remained hidden under the most intense secrecy.

Sweeping in an immense arc across Asia is the Great Himalayan Range. Beginning with Kashmir’s 26,600 foot Naga Parbat and ending at Tibet’s 25,445 foot Namcha Barwa, it comprises an uninterrupted 1,500 mile long crescent of mountains with over 110 peaks rising to elevations of 25,000 feet or more. The vast range of the Himalaya cradles the most isolated areas of Earth’s landmass; towering ice peaks nearly six miles high conceal secluded, lushly forested valleys. For thousands of years, the inaccessible inner portion of this wilderness has been known in esoteric literature as the Great White Island, and has inspired countless stories and legends of a hidden society of masters possessed of great wisdom and power.

On an extended trek in that remote inner range, explorer M.G. Hawking chanced upon a valley deep in the rugged wilderness. Nestled in a majestic vale surrounded by vast snowfields rolling upward from evergreen forest to immense blue-white glaciers and encircled by Himalayan ice peaks so high as to appear overhead, he encountered a tiny village called Siddhalaya.

Hawking’s discovery marked the beginning of a series of extraordinary experiences. Soon after arriving he realized, a bit like Columbus or Marco Polo, that he had discovered a world far stranger and vastly more profound than any he could ever have imagined. In that isolated village he had the privilege of meeting a number of remarkable men and women—introduced to him as “masters” and “adepts”—possessed of wisdom, knowledge and power virtually unknown in the Western world.

Drawn from the journals he kept of his extensive conversations with those masters, this book reveals the esoteric knowledge and practices of those profoundly enlightened Himalayan masters. Inspirational and richly enlightening, this volume sets forth the fundamental knowledge, essential principals of consciousness and techniques to master astonishing creative abilities. In this book you’ll learn directly from dialogues with true masters how to use your own creative power in every aspect of your life—wealth, health, relationships, love, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world. A must read for anyone on a spiritual path and/or seeking greater personal knowledge and power.

“At last! A masterful, entertaining, straightforward presentation of the profound knowledge of those who know and preserve the arcane wisdom of an occult world. Filled with wit, wisdom, wonder and magic. Completely delightful cover to cover.” —Susan C., D.PhilAmazon Link

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