The Power of Not Yet: Living a Life of Endless Possibilities by Donna Pisani


Or perhaps your life doesn’t look the way you thought it would right now; maybe that dream is just beyond your reach as the words Not Yet appear stuck on repeat. Are your fears, failures, and imperfections trying to define your future the longer you are “on hold”?

In The Power of Not Yet, Donna Pisani focuses on four powerful principles that not only changed her life but have done the same for countless others as well. With each principle she dismantles the lies of fear, failure, and imperfection that keep your purpose and potential hidden while addressing how to live with confident boldness in the middle of your Not Yet Zone. Through personal stories, biblical insights, and research, Donna delivers the simple truth that you were created for greatness and that every part of your life—past or present—is an incubator to discovering how to live the life of endless possibility God has designed for you.

You will discover:
• How to flip the light switch, expose the fears, and identify common lies you’ve been soothing for far too long.
• The small steps that will significantly impact you in becoming smarter and stronger while you wait in the process.
• How God has already written you win all over your story, and how to see it and say it while understanding God’s purpose is always bigger than what you can think or even imagine.
• How to lead yourself well and discover the purpose God has placed in you, removing the confusion of knowing how to start.

If you long to get moving, discover what God made possible in you, and be the world changer God’s called you to be, this book is for you.

A book of powerful reminders that we are each capable and gifted – that we each have the power within us to face fears which keep us trapped in unhappy and/or non -productive lives. Rooted in a strong Christian belief, Ms. Pisani’s approach is God centered, but her words can work for any of us, whether we adhere to those same beliefs or not. A well written ‘ how to’ for living a life of purpose.

I’ve been blessed to glean a little from the life of Donna Pisani and this glimpse alone has impacted my life in a significant way. She has not only raised 4 amazing children, but has lead her church and her own life from a place of strength and is an example of the kind of woman I want to be when I grow up. I am grateful for the time she has taken to put pen to paper and share in some of the wisdom she has learnt over the years on how to stay on course when everything says to quit. This book brings life in challenging circumstances as her words take you by the hand and lead you to a place where you can finally see the opportunity that lies ahead of you. I hope it inspires you as it has me!

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About Don Sloan

I am a former journalist with a major daily newspaper and now am a full-time Indie book reviewer. I love to write, read, drink good wine, and take short naps in front of my fireplace here in the North Carolina mountains.
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